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Will Turner, I want to marry you! Savvy?

Dean Winchester-Orlando Bloom------I could die happy right now.

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I am an ER paramedic who loves to write. I worked for a long time in the ER and with the trauma team. Now, in a new job that's a little more low key nursing, I work for a Physician's Network Family Clinic owned by the hospital which I really enjoy. Does it make me warped that most of my job revolves around needles and inflicting pain and I LOVE my job! Hey! Come on! I save lives too! Often......:D

I have gained more fandoms than I can even begin to talk about. I have always been a CSI fanatic. All 3 of them and even though I'd gripe about it, if they did a 4th one, I'd watch that too! I love Alias, Big Brother, Survivor, American Idol, and alot of reality TV. I enjoy all the Cold Case and Without a Trace type stuff. I love Veronica Mars and Grey's Anatomy. I could go on and on and on, but just check out my interests! I'm still mad that they cancelled "Third Watch". That was my favorite paramedic show!! And Eddie Cibrian?? Man.............

I also enjoy singing. I've been singing since I was really young and used to sing with a Band called "Witness". Probably my favorite singing is when I get to sing the National Anthem for some of the pro games (hockey, baseball, arena football) where I live. My favorite singers are Casting Crowns, Barlow Girl,Nichole Nordeman, Kenny Chesney, Tim McGraw, Faith Hill and Martina McBride. I'm also really loving Carrie Underwood. I'm in a country music phase.........I actually listen to all kinds of music and other than heavy metal and most rap, I like it all. I go through phases. I usually sing Contemporary Christian or Worship music, but I listen to most anything.

I'm an avid dog lover and collect dog stuff!

I love Jake Gyllenhaal and fell in love with Brokeback Mountain. The more controversy there was, the more poignant the film became. Good for Jake and Heath for having the gnads to do such a fabulous film!

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Thank you crystalkirk for making the Dean and Sam SPN Mood Theme! It is AWESOME!


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